World Soccer magazine Q&A


Super White!
21 Sep 2005
Fav Player
Every year, World Soccer Magazine publishes a guide to the new season. They ask a blogger/podcaster/fan forum etc from each of the 92 league clubs a few questions about the new season. Any replies to the below questions would be much appreciated. All contributions will be submitted.

1. In a sentence or two, how would you describe last season for your club?

2. What are your hopes and fears for the 2018-19 season?

3. Who was your biggest hero last season?

4. Who was your biggest villain?

5. What was your team’s best song/chant last season?

6. Is there a youngster to watch out for?

7. Who is your most under-rated player?

8. How are relations between the fans and the owners?


28 Feb 2018
Fav Player
Eddie Bishop
1. After a very shaky start it turned out to be one of the best ever both on and off the pitch, culminating in an astonishing NL Play Off victory at Wembley against all the odds.
2. Hopes - a challenge at the top end of L2. Fears - a difficult season with reducing attendances.
3. James Norwood - really grew up last season, tireless and he scored THAT goal!
4. From our own club, Jack Dunn - why Liverpool kept him on their books for so long is beyond me. Every opposition goalkeeper who decided to that it was acceptable to waste time to hold out for a result at Prenton Park before we'd even reached half time; and every referee who allowed it.
5. "We've Got Connor Jennings"
6. Ouch! Eddie Clarke but, unfortunately, he'll be plying his trade at Fleetwood. I'm hoping that Luke Pilling has the chance to prove himself this season.
7. Jay Harris.
8. Fantastic. The best they've ever been. 10/10. You couldn't ask for more than Mark and Nicola Palios.