Tranmere 1-1 Leyton Orient


Super White!
21 Sep 2005
Tranmere 1-1 Orient

Well, we're still unbeaten in 5 games, but I'd day we lost two points there. Being in the lead for most of the game, and to concede in the last few mins, it's disappointing.

But they can only blame themselves. Instead if pushing for a second, they sat back too much. Orient came into the game in the second half and to be fair to them, kept pushing.. They got their reward in the end.

I do believe that goal would have been avoided had the defence and keeper bothered to communicate with each other. I've seen this a few times this season, but gone unnoticed as it hasn't led to a goal.

However Orient's goal just highlighted a problem.
Coyne needs to be more vocal and so do the defence.

That ball was a loose one, up field, if Coyne had come early and shouted he would have been able to kick it into the stands. Instead, he dithered, came too late and the ball simply trickled past him.

Pleased for Zola with another goal, and was pleased with Ian Moore's efforts.

If we're to keep this run going, a result on Tues and a few home wins would keep us in the running.
22 Sep 2005
Johnny Morrissey
Well, 2 points definitely dropped here. Orient were no more than an average, strong side (strong as in muscle not that good), there for the taking but we failed to capitalise and take more than one of our chances. They had one real chance and scored, after poor defending and goalkeeping.

Started off brightly, got the goal and looked lively and bubbly, with players chasing everywhere, but after 30mins or so, the tempo suffered and dropped and the urgency we saw early on faded and it seemed some players settled with one goal and hoped to keep the lead rather than build on it.

Their goal came from nowhere really, as although they had a fair bit of possession they hadn't really threatened. Then one simple long ball catches Goodison out, he's outpaced, Coyne can't decide if he's coming or going so does neither and the lad only has to hit to target to score. Disappointing end to the winning run.

But a point gained after not such a good performance, really should have been 3 though, and puts more pressure on the lads to beat Brighton on Tuesday night to try and keep in the top 6.


22 Sep 2005
I think it's unfair to blame Coyne for their goal. Their ball was a very good one into space and their forward was a very quick player who got onto the end of it. If anything it's better to point a finger at Stockdale and Kay being caught flat-footed, which was why the ball through was so devastating. Earlier in the game there wasn't that much space being left and also Goodison was cleaning up, but that late on he was clearly exhausted and didn't make it across to cover. Does the blame lie with his international exploits, or with the ref who failed to protect him earlier in the match.. Goodison played with a knock for most of the game after a loose challenge on him that went completely unpunished by the ref.

The yellow-flag linesman was bad, gave a foul against Zola down by the corner flag after he'd clearly been fouled by both of the two Orient players battering him on both sides, and denied us a number of chances from through-balls when our lads were on-side. Yes there were perhaps another four or five that were off, but it's frustrating when a linesman can't tell the difference and waves everything as offside. If one of those had resulted in a goal the game would have been over as a contest. Speaking of lost chances to kill the game, Zola only just missed with a curling shot that had the entire Kop on it's feet, and in one of the best moves of the game one of the best shots I've seen in ages - an overhead kick by Moore - was just beaten away from going in at his left post by their keeper, a really good save.

Anyway, swings and roundabouts, yes we've been unfortunate and lost two points... but what an entertaining game of football. The better the quality on display on the pitch, the more positive noise the fans will make. Even the main stand was singing! Great stuff.


30 Sep 2005
Iain Hume
A great start to the game, but we didn't finish it off. Orient were a reasonable side, good at the physical side, closed us down well, but also played a good passing game. If their strikers radar hadn't been totally malfunctioning in the first half, when they wasted a couple of quality through balls, we could have lost the game. Don't really know who was to blame for their goal, from my Home Paddock vantage point, there seemed to be a lot of dithering from Stockdale/Curran in the build-up, but others saw it differently.

Would agree with Neverbeat that there was a good atmosphere in the ground, the attendance was going in the right direction too. Positives in the showings of Kay(my MoM), Jennings and Moore, while Zola actually won a few balls in the air.

On the downside, we allowed them too much time on the ball. Another concern was the lack of chances created, most of them were through individual acts of brilliance, rather than working out an opening. Ronnie was critical of Myrie-Williams, but there seemed to be a distinct lack of crosses from the left-side and Curran proved that he is not a right-winger. The ref was poor, ignoring a player being pushed over in front of his nose and playing non-existent advantage, when things should have been pulled back for a free-kick. agree with the above criticism of the AR with the yellow flag.

The fact is we lost the chance to put some daylight between us and the chasing pack. My fear is that we may begin to rue that come the season's end.


'Midfield General'
25 Sep 2005
Was very good from us for the first hour... then it all seemed to go wrong. We started giving the ball away and we hadn't taken advantage of good situations. Disappointing goal to conceed and shame we dropped the two points.