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Rovers v Stevenage


30 Jun 2008
I am sure you are right re Teixeira RLC but it is very frustrating. As a 50 year Rovers fan now living in Australia I can appreciate how frustrating it must be for you watching the team week after week knowing that money is really holding the club back in building a really good team. The fact that we lose an experienced defender in Foster for whatever reason and then replace him with a one month loanee from Crewe says it all I suppose. Having said this I gather Dugdale playerd well on Saturday. Still a heavy reliance on a 40 year old central defender in Goodi does not bode well. Sorry if I seem a bit doom and gloom our prospects for this season do not appear to be good. Maybe the first half of last season was an aberration helped by our being fortunate enough to acquire some good young loanees. Anyway, a point at Brentford would be good!


Super White!
21 Sep 2005
Fav Player
Horwoods comments on the os suggest they are heavily reliant on Goodison. Imagine if he'd have hung up his boots. Doesn't bare thinking about.