EFL Trophy Port Vale v Rovers

Port Vale v Rovers
Posted by Ian
Vale Park
Tuesday, September 8, 2020 - 07:00 PM
Until: Tuesday, September 8, 2020 - 09:00 PM
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1 Jul 2010
Fav Player
Dave Higgins
Agreed. But we only have three senior strikers - Payne, Ferrier and Vaughan. This leaves little scope for injuries, suspensions and loss of form. I think we definitely need another forward.
I agree. The senior strikers we have look good enough in any combo at this level, but yep we surely need a fourth. There does appear to be many released and available - not great recommendation, but not expensive either. Might be worth a punt on someone experienced like Simeon Jackson. Extends the cover and enables mixing the pairings (if two up top)....more chance of a winning combo.