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Altrincham 1 Rovers 3

15 Mar 2010
Fav Player
Jason Koumas / John Morrissey
A strong performance from Rovers who dominated pretty much the entire game, but looked a little susceptible in the air at the back (perhaps due to Danny Holmes playing as a makeshift centre half).

Lowe only played the first half but scored another two goals, both terrific poacher's efforts; regardless of the opposition, he was great. Thompson also looked very sharp, and seems to have developed an understanding with Ryan, providing the crosses for both of his goals. Sodje looked a bit off the pace, perhaps still lacking fitness at this stage, but nonetheless got on the scoresheet, capitalising on a mistake by their keeper. It was telling that after half time, with those two off the pitch, we were even more dominant, played some good football and yet 'lost' the half one-nil. It is incredible the difference a natural finisher makes to a team.

The best of the rest was Max Power, while Horwood looked decent at left back and was always willing to overlap. The three trialists did ok in spells, but I am not sure any of them are worth a contract.

It will be interesting to see how we get on against tougher opposition in the next week.


Super White!
21 Sep 2005
Fav Player
Lowe is on fire pre-season. Really looking forward to seeing what he can do. We've not had a poacher since the Aldo days, and we're still missing some key players in Wallace, Akpro and hopefully we'll get to see what the Portugese kid can do too!


4 Feb 2012
Fav Player
Rovers 1 down to Accrington after 49 minutes. Atkinson pulls it back to 1-1 after 78 minutes.
Final score.....1-1.
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