Rovers v Blades

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30 Sep 2005
Iain Hume
Sean McGinty a defender loaned from Manchester United has joined the squad. Can play in central defence or left-back. Given the concerns raised about Black post Stevenage and the understanding Gibson and Taylor have developed, would make more sense starting him at left-back rather than moving Gibson there. I've reservations about Zoum at left-midfield, despite his excellent showing last weekend, but that looks like the plan for now.

Some disappointment that we didn't recruit elsewhere as defence is probably our strongest area.

The Blades have sold all their tickets and there may be some infiltrators into the home ends. Should make for a good atmosphere. They're tough opponents, but prone to off days.

Prediction: Crowd creeping up to close to the 5 figure mark. Probably need to win this, but a draw most likely; 1-1.
15 Mar 2010
Jason Koumas
I think the signing of McGinty is a good move as we really have no option but to continue playing Zoum on the left wing until McGurk and Robbo return. Those two will be back in the next week so I don't think it would have made sense to bring in further creative players at this stage.

Against Stevenage we went a bit more long ball, utilising the pace of the wide men by playing balls into the channels. The result was our best, most exciting performance for weeks, and that approach certainly made sense given the state of the pitch and the absence of Wallace and Robbo from midfield.

My only concern today is that Sheff Utd may be more savvy at the back than Stevenage, and if the game does not become stretched we don't really have a Plan B with our creative midfielders injured.

The sun is shining and today should be our best crowd of the season bar the discounted games. A defeat does not end our play off hopes, but who knows where a victory could lead.
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