Priorities for next season

1 Oct 2005
Fav Player
Alan King, Barry Dyson
Signing Joss Labadie was a great start to the preparations for next season. A key piece in the team jigsaw. What does everyone think are the priorities now?

Mine are:
1. Get Les signed up. (But if not, get a new, experienced manager in asap.)
2. Give the players offered new contracts a firm deadline, so we don't lose out in getting alternatives in.
3. Look round for quality youngsters such as Logan, Daniels, Gulasci, Labadie to sign on loan. Most loan signings offered great value last season. Credit to both JB and Les.
4. Change to a playing system that makes us more of a threat away from home.
5. Get a couple of strikers who can bag at least ten goals a season. (I think we all need to pray for this to come true!)
6. Review the youth set up. We don't seem to be getting so many youngsters in through into the first team nowadays.


8 Sep 2009
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Chris Greenacre
I wasnt sure about Les getting the job full time but given what he achieved, he deserves a crack at it. Am sure he will get the job. He is probably having to haggle with PJ who probably wants to keep him in a temporary contract so he can pay him physion wages and not managers wages.

He'll stick with his 4-3-3 home and away but hope to sign players whose style suits it. Labadie is a great signing. Its just a pity we have the likes of Mahon who clearly doesnt suit the 4-3-3 hanging around picking up good money.

New strikers is a must. ITM did well in the end but quite a few of his goals were penaltys and he will be a year older. Bain/Savage have gone and I think most agree Curran isnt a goalscorer. I dont think Les fancies Gornell so we really need someone who can regularly score (doesnt every team tho!).

Sure be an exciting few months. Its also frustrating though as time and time again you see decent players released by other clubs, hope we'll sign them, and someone like Oldham nips in and gets them !


16 Mar 2010
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Ian Moore

And knowing our luck Bas will be signed by a team in League One and score the goal that keeps us out the play offs next season.

Like already stated Ladabie is a major boost for us. Les has a nack for signing decent youngsters on loan so i think we will start with a couple of loanees next season to bolster the team.

We have needed a striker for years now and yet we are still unable to find a finisher. ITM has done a decent enough job but alot of his goals this season were penalties. Even a flair player in midfield who can create a chance and score us some goals themselves would probably be a better shout.

Les just hope we make a better start to next season than Dumb and Dumber did this season. [-o<


8 Sep 2008
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Eddy Sonko
And knowing our luck Bas will be signed by a team in League One and score the goal that keeps us out the play offs next season.
what planet are you on?! with our budget, mere survival would be a realistic target...

as for priorities, it really depends on whether welsh and bakayogo sign, and who we're able to get in on loan. hard to say until things start to slot into place.



A goalkeeper (no disrespect to our youngsters) would be fairly high on my priority list. Then again, perhaps Les could combine the job with physioing and managing - think of the money we would save ...](*,)