League Two Monkey Hangars v Rovers

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Monkey Hangars v Rovers
Posted by Ian
Victoria Park
Tuesday, February 15, 2022 - 07:45 PM
Until: Tuesday, February 15, 2022 - 10:00 PM
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2 Jun 2018
What do people want? Open attractive football? Or winning football? You can’t always have both. We’re second in the league - would you prefer to draw 4-4 or grind out a 1-0 win?
Sparky that's one of those trick questions that politicians get asked by hacks on the TV.
Clearly as we all want Tranmere to do well 1-0 is better.... however ask a different question.... are you wanting your team set up to grind out 1-0 wins in all 46 games by sneaking a goal and shutting up shop after that and you likely get a different answer. The "correct" answer is no I want a team that wins 46 games 4-0 :)
I think our squad is good enough to play attractive football and win enough games to go up - however recently we have not been good enough and our style of play appears to be regressing.
Hopefully it is just due to injuries/ fatigue and less games over the next few weeks will give the players time to recover their mojoes!