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KH sacked

2 May 2021
Ged Brennan, Big Steve McNulty,
Mickey Mellon, Johnny King.
Yeah, the club was in a right mess. Then we appointed our physio as manager. Les was a great character but what the hell were we doing? What a crazy game football is at times.

I wasn't particularly enamoured by Aldo as manager either as much as a liked him as a player.
regardless of our league status, I think that the writing on the wall was initially developed when Aldo was manager. The purse strings were tightened and despite our cup runs, the squad wasn't as good as the levels we were playing. Aldo did his best and created a back to the walls attitude that gave us a combative attitude, he brought the SWA along with him. The next few managerial decisions (?) Were not the best. And of course Les was a great physio, but not such a football coach. He had a plan of not conceding, which was also poor to watch, remind you of someone?
If you can't compete financially, the manager is the key to be at least trying to move the club in the right direction.