Jackie McGugan

1 Oct 2005
Fav Player
Alan King, Barry Dyson
I'd be amazed if anyone else remembers Jackie McGugan, who played for Rovers in the early sixties and who died recently. He was one of the first signings I remember and was good for a while until he got injured. He was a character and I remember him going in goal during Harry Leyland's testimonial and giving a good comedy impersonation of the great man. Until I read this obituary, I hadn't realised what a promising career Jackie had had before joining us. It also reminds us how different the life of a pro footballer was in those days.


30 Jun 2008
Yes I do BBTC. I think he may have been one of Dave Russell's first signings. Other players of the time included Alan Arnell, Ralph Gubbins, David Frith and Tommy Eglinton. I remember I was always frustrated with Rovers at the time (sound familiar in 2015?). Never quite good enough. We were on the cusp of the successful 60s period of course as Dave gradually improved the team. My trusty Upton suggests that John last played for Rovers at the end of 61.
There are some other good players mentioned in the article including Alex Scott a winger who played for Harry Catterick at Everton. Shame that few top players come out of Scotland these days.