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    Rovers v Braintree Town

    its defo sad times when the town end ball boy gets the 2 biggest cheers in 70 mins of game time. :( At the end of the day Palios will need to weigh up the finances of getting rid of Brabin against the fall in revenue from falling gates. I'm sure we have such a strong squad based on the 4-7k...
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    Ryan Lowe

    Hope he does come, ....... (quote) 29-04-13, 08:19 AM merseysidebossman Player: Achto Targets for next season ... who? Ive got a strong feeling Ryan Lowe will be at Tranmere next season :whistle: 8-)8-)8-)8-)8-)8-)8-)8-) He would be ace for us
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    Targets for next season ... who?

    if Zooom is heading out would we have Dave Buc' back from Preston ??
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    Targets for next season ... who?

    I like McGurk, but he misses toooooooooooooooooo many games which is a great shame for him and us. It will be a pity he has gone, but onwards and upwards. Cant wait to see who we are chasing. Defo a left back for starters, as we dont have one !!
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    Targets for next season ... who?

    Ive got a strong feeling Ryan Lowe will be at Tranmere next season :whistle:
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    Prenton Park SNOW movers needed!

    found this on facebook:- Tranmere Rovers Supporters The Club is appealing for volunteers to help remove snow from Prenton Park on Saturday afternoon. Covers were laid down on the pitch on Thursday afternoon ahead of the overnight snowfall. More snow is forecast throughout Friday and early...
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    10 games to go, so....

    I see 4-5 wins and 2 draws 14 points Total of 74 points, and last place in the playoffs ??
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    Joe Thompson....

    Exactly what I was thinking or its costing the club a fortune to feed Sidibe !! :lol:
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    Rovers v Robins

    team guess for tonight fonners kay,,Taylor,,Daniels,,Zoom Abb,,Power,,Robbo,,McGurk ,,,,,O'hal,,,Stockton
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    Danny Holmes

    made up he has signed I did hear a rumour he sacked his agent
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    soccer am - trfc fans wanted,21644,13872_4090811,00.html I'd be interested in going, anyone else up for it?
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    Tranmere 0-1 Carlisle

    Did anyone notice at halftime that when all the subs where having a kick about and a general giggle, Bell-Baggie was miles away from anyone, doing his own thing and didnt chat to anyone at all. He didnt even have a ball:?
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    Tranmere 0-1 Carlisle

    The goal looked fine to me and I was only 20ft way from it. McGurk for me put a real shift in, ran all the channels and won many headers against much bigger and stronger defenders. Defo got in where it hurt, much much improved performance at home than Ive seen in the past. Robbo was driven...
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    Adam McGurk

    i will admit was wasnt best pleased with some of his performances. But I am glad he has turned things around, and would be the first to give him a standing ovation when he does it as PP. =D>=D>=D>=D>=D>
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    forever in blue jeans (trfc stylee)

    oooooooooooops :roll: mybad :lol: SHOULD, and its a BIG SHOULD , we get auto promotion, last home game of the season, half time entertainment. Neil Diamond (look-a-like) ..cheaper lol