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    Rovers v Gulls

    great first half performance. from 60 mins on GTF was blowing for tugs, and always 15 yrds behind his man when they attacked. Infact all there good chances in the 2nd half came down that side with a spare man available to swing a cross in. Kirby should have been brought on or GTF moved to...
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    Andy Mangan Leaves :(

    is going back to Shrews in the next few days. has been told by GB that he doesn't fit into his team, and he doesn't want to go. Always gives 100% for me and knows where the net is. sad day
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    Grecians v Rovers

    great win, and even with 2 injuries, we can still look forward with very capable subs for once. looking forward to some reports, Glad Odejayi is doing the business too.
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    Grecians v Rovers

    Hume on the bench ? I've got a feeling Power might not be included in the squad ....... and Laird taking his place. Odejayi to play 60mins, before being replaced by JMW. Hume to come on late on
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    Rovers v Accrington

    Great Game. Everyone put a real shift in, we could have been 5 up by half time. Laird going off was a farce but a good boost to the team. With Koumas added to the rest of the team, you could see that there was lots of goals in the team, if we could keep them out. I'm glad Koumas's legs...
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    Rovers v Swans FA Cup Third round

    I enjoyed the game, great to see such a big crowd....... see you all again next season when we have a cup game :) As usual Laird gave too many balls away :( Holness was tore another 3 bum holes by Gomis, he back up so far for the 6th that he nearly ended up going down Borough Rd. Now where...
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    Rovers v Cobblers

    Thompson for me was Awesome. Eventho OFW tried to sell him down the river on more than 5 occasions. (wont come off his line for 'bread n butter Northampton long balls and crosses' Holmes was again a beast, playing in an unflavoured left back roll. the rest of the Team :- OFW- 6, made some...
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    Daggers v Rovers

    Lets hope wins are like buses :) I think Max will sign a contract for 2 years, with a clause to be released when another club comes in for him. He will then get his 2 year contract wages but the club will get £250-300,00 for him.
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    Rovers v Saddlers JPT

    best game Ive seen at PP in ages, MOM - Power or Jeno After a nervy 10 mins, Jeno started man marking there number 10 with the dreads, and he didn't get a minutes peace. Stuffed there whole game up. Odejayi - was awesome and ran himself into the ground, best game so far. Cole- did some nice...
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    Rovers v Pompey

    Great game to watch. We took it too them. Best players for me where Jennings and Fenlon, both head and shoulders above. But everyone put a shift in. OFW needs to grow a voice, gets us into soooooooo much trouble.... only one save to make in the 1st half tho. Think the lads would want to play...
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    FA Cup Round 1 Rovers v The Gas

    I enjoyed the game. Thought Jenno was lucky not to be sent off with a 2 footed challenge, still a class act though. Laird continued to give so many balls away. Thompson was very,very impressive. Cool,calm and not scared to get hurt Donnelly should never be seen in a white shirt again. Richards...
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    Rovers v Stevenage

    Jenno defo showed he is a better class of midfielder and MOM For me the next game will Holness out, Holmes back at right back and Doncian in at centre back. Laird again failed to impress, and Power did more wrong than right I'm afraid. DID ANYONE NOTICE:- how many free unchallenged headers...
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    Rovers v Stevenage

    Popped down this morning for tickets for the JK stand, and at 10am (opening time) they hardly had any left. Whilst we where there another 50-60 people where asking for them. Also spoke to Mickey, and my daughter got a pic
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    Edwards gone

    He had to go, Never called for a manager to be sacked before. (Barnes wasn't a manager,just a PR stunt/clown) I do wish him the best in the future..... But I did hear, when he was leaving Prenton Park today he picked the wrong door and ended up in the broom cupboard!! He then blamed the...
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    Carlisle v Rovers

    I was on Radio Merseyside tonight , stating many of the above comments. Its not player quality that is losing us games, it dodgy formations and playing RE bought players out of position.