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    TRFC v Walsall

    3-1 Khitson Bain hat-trick. Lets be positive and go for it Johnny. Don't start contradicting yourself know, you've got along way to go, i hope!!!
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    Rovers v Leyton Orient

    Would like to think we could brush aside this London outfit and we should have very little problems. However of late we have failed to despatch teams like Orient at home and we may have to grind out some important three points today. Prediction 3-1 (Zola(2),Moore):-D. I think we should also...
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    stockdale thrump or footballer??

    he is a very poor right back.but i have to say,well better than bruce and raven put together!
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    Chris Sutton/Loan striker

    oh no.he's over the hill! very poor at birmingham last season. no thanks. i'd rather have neil shipperly or duncan ferguson! dj campbell on loan from brum would be a good shout.
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    Tranmere Rovers v Port Vale

    it would be nice to get some extra bodies in but i think davies deserves a chance!the poor lad hasn't done anything wrong and should be given more opportunities. i reckon 4-1 on friday greenacre hat-trick.get down the bookies it's a cert!!!:-D
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    must read article may take a while tho

    i agree totally NBDH!
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    Little leaves

    what about little's experience? i think it's time we went for something fresh and daring ie ned kelly!he would be able to attract quite a number of players too! "ned kelly's superwhite army"=D>
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    Little leaves

    i wouldn't care about that shopping list seanyb.he's only signed one good player in chris greenacre. Facey,Wilson,Goodison,Beresford,Bruce,Zola,Whitmore(although he was never given a true chance),Murray,Onoura, and more are very poor at best average players and he signed them so i don't give two...
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    New Manager

    i woldn't be bothered if we went for an old type of manager i.e royle,reid,danny wilson,gary peters.however i do feel it's time to go for an up and coming manager with a bit of enthusiasm and a will to do McAteer and ned! i'd prefer ned but if maca gets the nod then i won't be too...
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    Peter Reid

    my number one choice would have to be ned kelly.but i wouldn't say no to peter reid or even gary peters(he's done a fab job at shrewsbury)! i've heard gary mccallisters name mentioned and with a good assistant i think he would do a great job!but i would go for ned first. we need someone by the...
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    Little in charge next season

    my answer was no of course. i have never liked the man since the 2-0 away defeat by hartlepool in the play-offs. he went there with the attitude and team selection to get a 0-0 draw and when it went wrong he never had a plan b!also he took us to 3rd place with his negative attitude and team...
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    Tranmere v. Port Vale

    should be an easy 3pts in my opinion,but i think we will make hard work of it! Rovers 2-1 Port Vale (ht 0-0) att;6,301 Greenacre, Lowndes Roberts
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    Next Season

    100%, and then we can start from there. brian has had his go,it's time for someone else.
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    Ex-player: David Beresford

    i thought he was a very poor player.over-wieght and over rated by a certain BL. he could not cross a ball and that was his main job! sad to hear today's news though. get well soon davie's little'n!!!
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    who wants little to stay / go?

    r thanks e. i was struggling on that bit for some reason. #-o