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think we got it bad

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by aldoes mustache, 24 Nov 2017.

  1. Ian

    Ian Super White!

    21 Sep 2005
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    Absolute bargains.
  2. Cowshed Kid

    5 Dec 2015
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    Remember the day Aldo signed.
    Long before internet as we know it now and social media was the Birkenhead News!
    The whispers were that he'd been seen in the car park and we were glued to the radio to see what was going on.
    £250k for Aldo and we're arguing the toss about Alabi for £10k.
    Allowing for inflation that would put Alabi's fee, in Aldo's day, at around £2.50.
    Rip off
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  3. Rockfords Love Child

    15 Mar 2010
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    Not a classic at Goodison yesterday. Huddersfield were the better side in the first half but did not have enough up front to trouble Everton. It was interesting to see Rooney in the flesh for the first, and probably the last, time.

    Getting back on-topic, the most memorable moment of the afternoon was hearing the Huddersfield fans tell their opponents they were 'just a s**t Tranmere Rovers'. :p They obviously have not forgotten us completely.
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