Paul Harper

15 Mar 2010
Jason Koumas
It seems that Paul Harper has resigned from his role as Media Officer. He did a great job for the club, working what seemed to be ridiculous hours in a variety of roles, so good luck to him in what he does next.

Apparently his decision was partly due to stress caused by his workload, which leaves a bit of a sour taste with me. When you consider the wages that were offered for the job that was advertised last week, I just hope the club are not taking advantage of the dedication of the fans they employ. I feel quite guilty as a I complained about the quality of the programme last season, but it was clear that Paul simply had too much to do at times.
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Super White!
21 Sep 2005
Great lad Paul and always gives 100% for Rovers. Real dedication and love for the club. Probably a dream job for Paul at first but from what you say it’s sounds like it’s a lot of work for little money.

I’ll always be thankful to Paul for the dedicated hours he put into White Review in the early years when it was just me and him flying the flag.

Let’s hope we see him back here soon.
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1 Oct 2005
Alan King, Barry Dyson
A great shame. He was always the fan's fan. They will do well to get someone else as competent, enthusiastic and hard working.
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24 Jul 2017
its a great shame . but like most moat other businesses . they want everthing for nothing . look at the players chef yes i know its only 32 hours aweek for 15k . i only work 43 most 53 and get 30k a year then abt 1500 a year tips on top and get most weekends off . so its a no brainer . i know the players get payed well but they have to get the pay right . if they pay peanuts they will get monkeys . i would love to cook for the players. but love my weekends off love my football and they cant afford me thats it ive got bills to pay for and a houes to pay for