Man United

1 Oct 2005
Alan King, Barry Dyson
How much longer do you think Jose Mourinho will last at United? The manner of last night's defeat and his comments afterwards were alarming. I'd have been disappointed to hear a Rovers manager talk like that never mind a man who has spent £300 million on players since he arrived at Old Trafford. Previously, he has rarely lasted more than two or three seasons at any club and I don't think he'll do much better than that this time.
8 Sep 2009
Chris Greenacre
Think it depends how the season finishes BBTC. Before last night they have had a good season. Second in the league and in the FA cup final.

Last night was shocking though and a real missed opportunity.

I think if they finish 2nd and win the cup then that’s a decent season - but the club will want better European progress next season. Plus apart from Guardiola I can’t think of anyone better than mourinho, even though they were poor last night, apart from Mellon maybe!