James Norwood


30 Sep 2005
Iain Hume
What is most disturbing about this is that 90% of the intellectuals on the Cowsheds website don't see any problem with Norwood's behaviour at all. Then again, that does not come as a huge surprise after the anti-semitic chanting we were subjected to from an element of our 'followers' on the train coming back from Lincoln.

Don't let anyone tell you that racism/homophobia/misogyny are not still issues in football culture.
This is worrying. I thankfully didn't personally experience any problem during the Lincoln to Sheffield leg of the train journey and my path diverged from the bulk of the travelling support after that. Don't do that many aways and the last one that I can recall racist behaviour at was Luton, mostly from one individual. It needs eradicating.

As for Norwood, incredibly stupid sums him up. The fact that he's seemingly unaware of how inappropriate and offensive 'blacking up' is deemed, despite previous similar reactions to earlier such behaviour demonstrates this. Hopefully he's learned something from the PFA workshop.
5 Dec 2015
Bobby Hutchinson
Whatever sense he has clearly went out of the window.
But a racist gesture? I don't think so.
Thankfully all the PC brigade have simply said his actions were,"ill advised" and aren't pursuing a witch-hunt.
As BBTC says, he'll pay his punishment from the other players who were forced to undergo diversity training.
Despite RLC's reservations about, hopefully, a minority of away fans, I do think our fans generaly keep the right side of the line.
15 Mar 2010
Jason Koumas
Thankfully all the PC brigade
Who are the 'PC brigade' exactly ? Groups like Kick it Out and the PFA have done sterling work in tackling racism in football, which was rife when I started watching. I wonder where we would be if society had simply turned a blind eye ?

As you say, it is a small minority that engage in racist behaviour now, but that does not make the work of those groups redundant or mean there is any room for complacency.
5 Dec 2015
Bobby Hutchinson
Kick It Out were one of the "PC brigade" I was referring to.
I don't for one minute belittle what they or similar organisations do. I'm approaching 60 and remember the abhorrent abuse some players received.
I was suggesting that Kick It Out responded with a measured, anti inflammatory statement that the matter warranted.
If it's good enough for them to essentially tell him to think about his actions then that should be a line drawn under it.