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  1. J

    yoevil v rovers

    Saw the team coach leaving the ground at midday yesterday. Looks like they are staying overnight somewhere the game.
  2. J

    2018/19 - 10 games in

    I think Conor always looks knackered! I've been watching him for ages and he always looks like he's busting a gut!
  3. J

    rovers v macc

    The consequences that Micky spoke about after the Shrewsbury debacle was the reason there were 6 subs. Sending a message out.
  4. J

    Shrewsbury v Rovers

    I have said before Micky uses the word Group instead of Team. I believe he looks at 15 - 20 players and plays a team which he thinks will do the job for that match. I don't think its entirely rotation just full use of a squad. With regards to Tollit, I think he wants to get stuck in and prove to...
  5. J

    Shrewsbury v Rovers

    I actually thought that Micky from the very beginning had no interest in this competition but had to pretend that he did. I think there was pretence from the start in his teams and in what he said. I think deep down he's glad he's out of it. At least he's seen the second string in a competitive...
  6. J

    Rovers v Newport

    A wake up call. Where is Tollit by the way? Not even on the bench.
  7. J

    Carlisle v Rovers

    Micky very pleased with Mullin, well play him then!
  8. J

    Carlisle v Rovers

    Mullin does have to start. He has more energy and drive than the lumbering Stockton.
  9. J

    Rovers v Colchester

    I think folks need to get away from this phrase 'dropping him'. If you listen to Melon he does not say the word team anymore but uses the word 'Group'. He sees it as a revolving group of players who will be picked according to the opposition or how he wants us to play. Its not perfect but he is...
  10. J

    Rovers v Colchester

    I have McGreals shirt with autographs written on of all the team he played in. So there. Na na na na na
  11. J

    Northampton Town v Rovers

    I made a point about Stockton previously that he is not good enough. He is a big strong lad who should not allow himself to be bullied by anyone, he should put himself about a bit. He fails to do this and in my opinion should not play the next game.
  12. J

    The Squad for 2018/19

    One game in and the negativity is amazing. I actually know that Norburn wanted to go. Nowadays wild horses wont keep players at clubs if their agents are whispering in their ears. We are in a time where loyalty does not figure any more. I am quite sure Mellon has his own thoughts and ideas which...
  13. J

    The Squad for 2018/19

    Norburn is very happy here. He is not disgruntled and not likely to be.
  14. J

    Off topic before the Season starts.

    A bloke I know is a Man City fan having been born and bred in Sale. He has had a Season ticket for many years there, however he has now, this Season, not renewed his ticket. He told me he became sick of the bad language, the arguments and indeed fights all around him. For that reason he has...
  15. J

    The Squad for 2018/19

    I am sorry I am with the Carlisle supporters on this. He is everything they say. Other teams can see that he is clueless. I deliberately watched him over a few matches and I could see nothing there. A terrible backward step if he was to return.
  16. J

    The Squad for 2018/19

    We don't the Lump back.
  17. J

    League 2 aspirations

    Lets just find our feet and enjoy what's coming and have no great expectations .
  18. J

    The Squad for 2018/19

    Nor do I and not because of Wembley. He is lacking something.
  19. J

    The Squad for 2018/19

    I think one big reason for the players to stay is the fans, the SWA. Players love being here.
  20. J

    Liverpool friendly?

    I have spoken to a few who took their kids to Wembley and say their kids now have the bug!