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    rovers v macc

    The beauty of this league is that we're not all clamouring for the one promotion spot! Just as well cos Imps aren't hanging around. No denying the effort Maccs put in but they were horribly short of quality. Their woodwork free kick aside, at no stage was the game a nail biter even though we...
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    rovers v macc

    And a different song cos the words don't fit in! Well improvise I'm sure. Getting that Friday Night Is Prenton Night feeling now.....
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    rovers v macc

    Don't know if Ellis was any better or worse than those around him on Tuesday but he was a tad unlucky to lose his place a few weeks back. I'm with RLC, put Manny on left because we know for sure he can perform there. If so, Ellis back in. It's a pity about the weather, just hope a swirling wind...
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    Morecambe v Rovers

    I'd pick a Maidenhead team on Tuesday. What a tremendous result. The winner, Zoum (carrying an injury) speeding down as he did shows the lads want to go for it. At least we know if he's not fit next Friday, Monster Manny can step in and Ellis brought back. Worried about Friday though. We can...
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    2018/19 - 10 games in

    I prefer to see a safe, steady start (as we've had) than one where we're either handing out or being on the receiving end of a whalloping. I think we've been tremendous by and large, very comfortable in our new surroundings.
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    Rovers v Imps

    Sounds like Gilmour put on a show. Strange how things work out. He may not have even made the bench had Jay been fit.
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    Rovers v Imps

    Wasn't there, and going only by imps website, Scottie has earned us three points - after losing us two on Saturday he's still in credit !
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    Rovers v Imps

    I'm in Benidorm getting WhatsApp updates from my son. Had to ring him after 92 mins and stay on call til whistle went. TREMENDOUS. Nors a bit silly but at least it's only one game ban.
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    Rovers v Imps Some nice words from their boss. I see this on a par with last season's game at home to Maccs. Hope we don't come out second best as we did then somewhat emphatically. MM doesn't normally...
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    Franchise v Rovers

    Not too many months ago we were two leagues apart, something we should remember when it comes to expectations. We are proving we can hold our own but every game has been a tough one. I'm with RLC and will gladly take a point from each of the next two games. All I want from this season is to...
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    And Askey's not pulling up any trees at Shrews either. You can just see the writing on the wall if Maccs are still looking for a win when they come here!
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    The 12th man

    The 4 minute footage from Saturday is excellent. The two topless lads near to the corner by the stewards are a howl! They're a prime example of the plus point for taking your own stewards on your travels - they know how to handle their own.
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    Carlisle v Rovers

    Not too long ago my heart sank when Lincoln scored a last minute winner. Today? Get in!!!
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    Carlisle v Rovers

    Pretty much what the great Jimmy Harvey and our current manager did !
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    Carlisle v Rovers

    As each game comes along you think "this is a real yardstick". What a great first eight games. Without Kung Fu Jay it would be pretty much perfect! Still love him though. Pleased for Mullin. Even if Stockton starts next game he knows he can do the biz.
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    Carlisle v Rovers

    For the sake of the club it would have to be sell and lump the money straightaway on a replacement. Which brings us back to Rowe!! Am I missing something or do we never hear of "release clauses" at our level? Get him signed up and if someone wants to offer decent money he can listen to them and...
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    Play-off Final v Boreham Wood

    17 weeks!!
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    Player Loans

    Interesting. Pretty much what we've suspected about some loans i.e " he plays whatever". Though it seems MP denies we get involved in such deals. Surprised it wasn't Barry Fry lifting the lid!
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    Rovers v Colchester

    Very early days I know - the table days we're 14th. Also only three points off third spot!
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    Rovers v Colchester

    As has been said, a bit too many of them were off colour today. And I have to say that the crowd couldn't seem to get going properly either. A game of few chances, a terrific finish by Nors and a self inflicted equaliser. When he chooses to punch, Scottie is normally safe put that was a real...